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Version changes

dhtmlxCalendar underwent some changes in the newest version 3.0.

Notable changes:

  1. 3 supported skins: dhx_skyblue, dhx_web and omega.
    For style customization use SkinBuider.

  2. There's no any header in the calendar now. For this reason, header-related functionality isn't supported anymore (e.g. setHeader() method).

  3. setYearRange() method was excluded due to a new look of the year selector.

  4. The list of the supported date formats was changed. See a new complete list here.

  5. Double calendar is not supported.

  6. New definitions of locale labels.

    For example, defining a new language:
    //3.0 version
    dhtmlXCalendarObject.prototype.langData["de"] = {
       dateformat: '%d.%m.%Y',
    //2.6 version
    dhtmlxCalendarLangModules['de'] = {
       langname:	'de',
       dateformat:	'%d.%m.%Y'