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dhtmlxColorPicker component is a smart color picker that can be easily used either an inline control or a popup dialog box. Its intuitive interface, flexibility, and simplicity of usage - make this component a good aid for different projects and applications. The color picker gives users the possibility to specify colors in RGB, HSL, and hex formats. Complete JavaScript API is provided to help users to save time on configuring.

Main Features

  • Multibrowser/Multiplatform support;
  • Usual visual appearance;
  • Flexible control with JavaScript API;
  • Complete Colors Palette;
  • RGB/HSL;
  • Custom colors support.


Script API Reference

Dear User,

Your opinion is important for us. Please feel free to contact us, say what for, where are you using colorpicker, which methods are you using, what do you like, what don't like, what would you like to see in the future release. This information will help us to make dhtmlxColorPicker better.

Thanks, your dhtmlxTeam.