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Events Handling

List of supported events

The following events are available in dhtmlxCombo:

  • onChange Event - event called when combo value changed;
  • onSelectionChange Event - event called when preselected value inside combo change ( it differs from onChange event, because previous one occurs only when value really changed);
  • onKeyPressed Event - event called right after key pressed inside combo;
  • onBlur Event - event called when focus moved out from combo;
  • onOpen Event - occurs when combo list opens;
  • onCheck Event - event called when a checkbox is clicked.

Attaching/Removing Event Handler

The user can add any user-defined handler to any of the available events. To do this, the user can use attachEvent() method with the following parameters:

  • evName - name of the event;
  • evHandler - user-defined event handler.
        combo.attachEvent(evName, evHandler);

Several handlers can be attached to one and the same event, and all of them will be executed. Note: the names of the events are case-sensitive.

There is a simple way of removing an event-handler:

        combo.detachEvent(id); // unique id of the event handler