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First of all, to use functionality of dataProcessor you should add one additional file - dataprocessor.js.
But if you use the 'dhtmlxSuite' package (dhtmlx.js, dhtmlx.css code files) - you needn't to add any additional files.

To initialize DataProcessor and attach it to the component you need to implement two commands:

var dp = new dataProcessor(url)
  • url - a relative or absolute path to the server-side component of the dataProcessor.
  • myobj - an object of the predefined component (dhtmlxGrid, dhtmlxTree and etc).

By default, dataProcessor is initialized in the auto-update mode, i.e. after each change in the grid data is sent to the server. In some cases it makes sense to use the manual update mode:


So now dataProcessor stores the information about all changes in the grid and sends them to the server only after sendData() method was executed.

If you use dhtmlxConnector you can take its connector file as a parameter of the constructor.

myDP = new dataProcessor("myconnector.php");

Note, the client-side encodes data as UTF-8, and if your server don't use it as the default encoding, it may process incoming data as differently encoded that may lead to the problems.