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Server-side integration

For implementing server-side functionality you should use dhtmlxConnector and dataProcessor like for any other DHTMLX component.
dhtmlxConnector lets you just load data from DB.
dhtmlxConnector + dataProcessor allows you to make Create/Update/Delete operations.


There are 2 connector types you can use for dhtmlXDataStore objects:

  • JSONDataConnector
  • DataConnector

They both work the same way, but differ in type of the returned data. The first one generates 'xml' data feed, the second one - 'json' data feed.

if (!$db = sqlite_open('db', 0777, $sqliteerror)) {
$data = new JSONDataConnector($db,"SQLite");
$data->render_table("users", "id", "name,age,city");


To implement CRUD operations you should initialize dataProcessor and define a dataStore object as the parameter of the init() command.

myDP = new dataProcessor("php/data.php");

Detail information

The detail information concerning usage of dhtmlxConnector and dataProcessor see in the related documentation:

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