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Global Data Storage

The article tells you about dhtmlXDataStore, the component which is basically designed to perform a function of data store. But at the same time, it's a full-fledged dhtmlx component with its own API.

classic use-case

  • Storing data that's used by several components on a page. You can use more than one DataStore. They can be linked or not.


  • Has no graphical representation and used just to store data.
    We can compare dhtmlXDataStore with database table or view. UI components can be filled from it. You also can establish relationships between different DataStores like you can do between tables in database.
  • Any data manipulation is made directly in dhtmlXDataStore object (not in a component that represents this data): sort, filter, delete, add, update.
    For example, you need to delete record - you do not need to think if it should be deleted from grid or whatever other place - just delete it from DataStore and it will be removed from other components as well without your direct intervention.
  • Controls relations between components.
    If you link grid and form to the same DataStore, details of record selected in grid will be shown in the form automatically. No additional coding is necessary.