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The following events are available in dhtmlxForm:

Common events

  • Loading:
    • onXLS - occurs before the request for a new XML was sent to the server
    • onXLE - occurs simultaneously with ending XML of parsing, new data is already processed by the form
    • onOptionsLoaded - occurs after the options of the specified item (select or combo) were completely loaded from the server to the client
  • Events of constructed form:
    • onChange - occurs after the user changed data and put the cursor out the input
    • onBeforeChange - occurs before data in some input changed ( by the user actions )
    • onBlur - occurs when the user leaves an input
    • onButtonClick - occurs when the user clicks button
    • onFocus - occurs when an input gets focus
    • onInfo - fires when the user clicks the Info icon
    • onInputChange - occurs when data in an input was changed and the cursor is still in this input
    • onKeyDown - fires when the native 'onkeydown' event is triggered
    • onKeyUp - fires when the native 'onkeyup' event is triggered
    • onEnter - fires when the user puts the cursor into an input and presses the Enter key
  • Binding:
  • Validation:

Items-related events

  • Upload:
    • onUploadFile - occurs when a single file from the list was uploaded to the server
    • onUploadComplete - occurs when all files from the list were uploaded to the server
    • onUploadCancel - occurs when the user cancels uploading of a file
    • onUploadFail - occurs when the file upload failed
    • onFileAdd - occurs when the user adds a file to the upload queue
    • onFileRemove - occurs when the user removes a single file from the upload queue
    • onClear - occurs when the user clears the upload queue
  • Container:
  • Editor: