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Methods Specific for Some Excells

ro, ch

  • obj.isChecked() - returns “true” if the cell is checked;
  • obj.setChecked(mode) - sets the state of a checkbox|radion button (mode - true|false).


  • obj.getText() - gets the value of a combo option.


  • obj.getRed() - gets red component of the selected color;
  • obj.getGreen() - gets green component of the selected color;
  • obj.getBlue() - gets blue component of the selected color.


  • grid.setSubGrid(subgrid,column, s_column) - attaches the external grid as an editor:
    • subgrid - grid instance which will be used as editor;
    • column - column in the main grid to which the sub grid will be linked;
    • s_column - index of a column in the sub grid, value from which will be shown in the main grid.


  • grid.registerCList(index,list) - sets the list of values;
  • index - index of the column, for which clist will be used;
  • list - array, or comma separated list of data.

dhxCalendar, dhxCalendarA

  • obj.getDate() - returns the value as the Date object.

sub_row, sub_row_grid, sub_row_ajax

  • obj.open() - opens the sub row;
  • obj.close() - closes the sub row;
  • obj.setContent(“sub row content”) - sets HTML content of the sub row.


  • obj.getSubGrid() - gets the sub grid object.


  • grid.setSubTree(subtree,column) - attaches an external tree as an editor;
  • subtree - a tree instance which will be used as an editor;
  • column - a column in the main grid to which the sub tree will be linked.


  • grid.resetCounter() - forces update of the counters column.


  • obj.getContent() - returns the text part of the link.