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Sub rows - New Data Dimension

dhtmlxgrid_excell_sub_row.js is required.

Sometimes grid data may contain some extra content that is too big to be included in a grid line. But on the other hand, this content is related to the grid row and needs to be shown with it. To implement such “main record → details” pattern, sub-rows can be used.

Basically, a sub-row is a hidden row attached to the main one that may be shown|hidden by using the related control.

Adding Sub-Row

A simple sub-row can be created by using “sub_row” excell type:


And later in XML, the user will have the following code:

    <row id="some">
        <cell> Some long data here .... </cell><cell>Data </cell><cell>Data </cell>

Immediately after loading, the row will look like this:

And after clicking ”+” image, it will look in the following way:

The content of the sub-row may contain any HTML tags, so additional data may not be only the content itself, but some kind of a form, for example.

In case of adding a new row with a sub-row, the value of the row is defined in the standard manner:

        grid.addRow(id,["Some long data here ....","Data","Data"]);

Loading Sub-Rows by AJAX

By default, the data of the sub-row is provided as a part of the main data that is not very useful if additional data is huge. In such case, sub_row_ajax column type may be used. It works exactly the same as the default one, but it will treat cell value as a link to the external file:


Later in XML the user will have the following code:

    <row id="some">
        <cell>my_data.html</cell><cell>Data </cell><cell>Data </cell>

And in my_data.html, there will be the following line:

    Some long data here

After pressing the ”+” image, the component will load my_data.html and will show its content as a sub row of the related one.

Expanding/Collapsing Sub-Row

API of the grid allows the user to expand|collapse a sub row programmatically in such a way:


Related Events

onSubRowOpen - executed for both opening and closing of sub-row (sub-grid):

  • row id;
  • true - open, false - close.

onSubAjaxLoad - generated by sub-row-ajax, when data loaded in sub-row:

  • row id;
  • loaded content.