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Grid + Gears = ?

Translated from original posted on www.monoxrom.net

I had long wanted to have a look at Google Gears in action, but always had some other fish to fry. You can hardly expect a user to agree on implementing some off-site plug-in developing a simple web-page. But if it is about developing for the Intranet, it doesn't come out to be anything like a serious problem. Still less chance a user has to implement an off-site plug-in in the Intranet. But if the boss wants it, so “keep quiet and drive”

Initially we have: a file with tabular data (an Excel file, in practice). Required output: a changes-friendly interface for a remote user.

The most trivial solution - to use ready-made online services (for example, Google Spreadsheet) - doesn't meet the case, unfortunately (authorization is required, and it is laced with some (un)healthy paranoia). The second simple approach is using one of ready-made grid-like solutions, to which Google Gears can be attached for additional comfort.

Step One - Toolkit Preparation

Step Two - Data Loading

Step Three - Saving Changes

Step Four - Google Gears Enters the Game

Step Five - Slight Improvements

The Step Not Present, or What Can Be Improved