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Content Attaching

You can attach to a layout various items from tree to web pages. The items, you can add, are:

Items can be added only to already initialized Layout.

But firstly, we'd like to pay your attention to the ways of items accessing:

  • through layout items' indexes
  • through layout items' ids

You can refer to an item as a collection, where [0] is a zero-based index of a certain item. All the items have their own indexes. Indexing starts with 0.

However, the other method is extensive used: through layout items' ids. All the items have ids that go in an alphabetical succession and start with “a”. And in this case you refer to items as cells.

When you init layout by standard way - cells are sign on default. So if you need you can check a name of the needed cell at any time.

Thus, we can access any layout's item in two following ways:

var item = dhxLayout.cells("a");
// or
var item = dhxLayout.items[0];