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dhtmlxLayout Overview

During creation of different applications developers often face the challenge of forcing elements to act according to page size changes. The solution of the problem can be in some programming techniques usage but much easier is to use layout that gives you ready variants of components placement.

Layout is a concept that defines how elements will interact with and relate to other elements, react on application events.

DhtmlxLayout provides 4 skins and more than 20 patterns, margins, sizing options such as fixed size or autosize, some actions and effects (collapse, resize etc).

It gives you an opportunity to manipulate with the header (hiding/showing, setting header text), footer and locate various items in the layout cells: objects, dhtmlx components, web pages etc.

It is also worth mentioning the main novelties of the new version - views, text in a collapsed header and the possibility to add Google Maps to an application. With the first you can show different contents for the same cell and the second one lets you control cell appearance in the collapse state.