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dhtmlxTabbar API Methods

dhtmlXTabBar Object

  • addTab - adds a new tab to the tabbar
  • attachEvent - attaches an event handler to the tabbar
  • clearAll - reinitializes the tabbar
  • detachEvent - removes an event handler
  • disableTab - disables the specified tab in the tabbar
  • enableAutoReSize - enables/disables auto adjusting height and width to outer conteiner
  • enableAutoSize - enables/disables automatic adjusting the height and width to the inner content
  • enableContentZone - enables/disables the content zone (enabled by default)
  • enableForceHiding - enables/disables force hiding mode, solves IE problems with iframes in HTML content, but can cause problems for other dhtmlx components inside tabs
  • enableScroll - enables/disables scrollers ( enabled by default )
  • enableTab - enables the specified tab in the tabbar
  • enableTabCloseButton - enables the mode, in which each tab has the close button; the mode will be applied to the tabs created AFTER command
  • forceLoad - forces to load the tab in question
  • getActiveTab - gets the id of the currently active tab
  • getAllTabs - returns an array of the tabbar tabs' ids 1)
  • getLabel - gets the text label of a tab
  • goToNextTab - selects the tab next to the active one
  • goToPrevTab - selects the tab previous to the active one
  • hideTab - hides the specified tab in the tabbar
  • loadXML - loads tabbar from an xml file
  • loadXMLString - loads tabbar from an xml string
  • moveTab - moves the specified tab to the specified position 2)
  • normalize - reformats the tabbar to remove tab scrollers
  • removeTab - removes the specified tab from the tabbar
  • setAlign - sets tabs alignment within the tabbar
  • setContent - sets the content of a tab
  • setContentHTML - sets the content of a tab, as HTML string
  • setContentHref - sets the content as the href to an external file
  • setCustomStyle - sets specific colors for the specific tab
  • setHrefMode - sets the mode that allows loading of external content
  • setImagePath - sets the path to the image folder ( not affect already created element until their state changes )
  • setLabel - sets label of tab
  • setMargin - sets distance between tabs
  • setOffset - sets offset before first tab on tabbar
  • setSize - sets control size
  • setSkin - sets style used for tabbar
  • setSkinColors - allows setting skin to the specific color, must be used AFTER selecting skin
  • setTabActive - switches the specified tab to the active state
  • showTab - shows a hidden tab in the tabbar
  • tabWindow - returns window of tab content for iframe based tabbar

dhtmlXTabbar cell object

1) version 3.5+
2) version 3.6+