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Types of Items in dhtmlxToolbar

dhtmlxToolbar can operate the following types of items:

  • Button - a simple button;
  • Text - an item that contains some text displayed in the item display area;
  • Select Button - a button that can list several options;
  • Listed Option - an option of the Select Button;
  • Two-State Button - a button that can remain in one of its two states until its current state is changed by user (either from script or from page);
  • Separator - a horizontal (on the main toolbar pane) or vertical (on the Select Button's drop-down pane) line separating groups of items from each other;
  • Slider - an item having a slider in it that allows the user to change item's value within the available limits (the user can drag the slider's thumb in one of two directions);
  • Input - an area where the user can type some text in.