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dhtmlxWindows API Methods

dhtmlXWindowsBtn Object

dhtmlXWindows Object

  • attachEvent - attaches an event handler
  • attachViewportTo - attaches a viewport to an existing object on the page (renders an object as a viewport)
  • checkEvent - returns true if the event exists
  • createWindow - creates a new window and returns its handler
  • detachEvent - removes an event handler
  • enableAutoViewport - if true - allows an object to adjust the viewport automatically to document.body
  • findByText - returns array of window handlers found by header text
  • forEachWindow - iterator - goes through all windows and calls a user handler
  • getBottommostWindow - returns the bottommost window
  • getEffect - returns true if the effect is enabled
  • getTopmostWindow - returns the topmost window
  • isWindow - returns true if the window with specified id exists
  • setEffect - sets a visual effect
  • setImagePath - sets path to the directory where used images are located
  • setSkin - changes window's skin
  • setViewport - sets user-defined viewport if enableAutoViewport(false)
  • unload - unloads an object and clears memory
  • window - returns the window handler (dhtmlXWindowSngl object) found by id