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dhtmlxWindows is a windowing system that enables the user to work with several windows and their content at the same time. This system allows windows to overlap, and provides means for the user to perform standard operations such as moving/resizing a window, sending a window to the foreground/background, minimizing/maximizing a window, changing window’s position, making a window modal and sticking a window.

Main Features

  • Full control with JavaScript API;
  • Modal state support;
  • Built-in and custom buttons;
  • Resizable;
  • Skinable.


Script API Reference

Dear User,

Your opinion is important for us. Please feel free to contact us, say what for, where you are using windows, which methods you are using, what you do like and what don't like, what you'd like to see in the future release. This information will help us to make dhtmlxWindows better.

Thanks, your dhtmlxTeam.