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Events Handling

Attaching/Removing Event Handler

attachEvent method can be used to add an event handler to any of the available events. To do so, the method need to be called with the following parameters:

  • evName - name of the event;
  • evHandler - user-defined event handler.
        function my_handler(){ do_something(); };

Several handlers can be attached to one and the same event, and all of them will be executed. The names of the events are case-insensitive.

There is a simple way of removing an event-handler:

        var id = view.attachEvent("onSomeEvent",my_handler);
        view.detachEvent(id); // unique id of the event handler

All events which name contains “before” - can be blocked, returning true from such event handler will confirm operation , returning false or not returning anything will block default event processing.

Naming tips

  • events which starts from “before” - can be blocked
  • events which starts from “after” - can't be blocked, but have sibling event, whit name starts from “before”

List of supported events

The following events are available in dhtmlxGrid:

  • Loading Events:
    • onXLS Event - occurs before sending data request to server
    • onXLE Event - occurs after sending data request to server