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What is difference between dhtlmxdataview.js and dhtmlxdataview_debug.js

  • debug version contains non-compressed code
  • debug version makes extra validation, checking names of events and parameters of methods, which is really useful during development. Instead of cryptic “null is undefined” messages, you will get readable messages about incorrect parameters or misspelled names of events or properties.

Normally, you will like to use debug version for development and normal version for production. ( both versions contain exactly the same functionality )

Which server side platforms are supported

  • dataview package contains updated version of PHP containers, which allow full automation of loading|saving for PHP
  • final version will have similar support for Java and .Net
  • because component support a lot of datasource types and highly configurable - loading can be easily adjusted for any server side platform

Is there any item's count limitations

  • in default mode component will operate with good performance with thousands of items
  • in dynamic loading mode component can operate with unlimited datasets

Why package is missing dhtmlxcommon.js

  • dataview doesn't require this file for correct working

I have an idea how component can be improved