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Migration from dhtmlxFolders

The dhtmlXDataView is successor of dhtmlxFolders. The main difference between them is the way of templating. While folders was linked to XSLT, dataview uses plain templates , which are much more simple to write and maintain.

Why to migrate

  • better templating
  • performance improvement
  • true dynamic loading
  • ready server side solution ( connectors )
  • ability to edit items
  • simple API

When migration may be not necessary

  • you have stable working solution - there is no serious bugs in dhtmlxFolders, they are pretty stable and their support is not discontinued.
  • you already have your server side code an custom xslt

Components using different APIs, you can compare samples of dhtmlxFolders and dhtmlxDataView - both components have set of samples, with exactly same final result.

4 XSLT files, which was provided with dhtmlxFolders can be replaced with types/ftypes.js - those are named templates for dataview, which provides the same look and feel.