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Dynamical Loading in TreeGrid

Dynamical loading means loading levels on request (on opening a node that has children). To make it work in dhtmlxTreeGrid, the user should do the following:

  • When initializing the TreeGrid, specify the URL of server routine that returns the nested level:

This routine will get URL parameter id that is id of the row that was opened (in other words - id of the row that is parent to the level that should be returned by the above mentioned routine).

  • Initial TreeGrid XML (as well as XML returned by routine mentioned in the previous point) should have <row> tags with the attribute xmlkids=“1” (only rows that have child items):
    <row xmlkids="1"> 

JSON format:

         {id:'1',xmlkids:'1', data:["row A"]}
  • XML returned by routine specified in the first point should have the attribute parent=“xxx” in the top level tag <rows>:
    <rows parent='123'> 
        <row xmlkids="1">